CMAT 211 – Semester Wrap Up

Journaling my progress in CMAT 211 with a WordPress blog was interesting. I thought I was more advanced user of WP before we started. I learned a few things. Very important to categorize every post to help navigation of your site easier. Converting InDesign files to jpeg’s so i can upload them to my journal was new and very useful.

The idea that I can journal my progress with anything (class, project etc..) on a WordPress blog is cool to me. A tool that I will be sure to use in the future.


Posts and Pages in WordPress

Since this isn’t my first experience using WordPress, I’m not too frightened to work with it. Although I have already heard a few terms (that I forgot already) that I haven’t heard of before in reference to WordPress pages, but I should be fine.

I’ve added a few posts and set up the required “pages”, such as the Class Projects Page, and “sub pages”, for all the designs we worked on this semester, it’s starting to make sense. I’ve even added a placeholder (FPO) pdf file to the Resources page and it was just as simple as clicking the “Add Media” button. If the rest of the project is this easy, I think the final project is going to come together really nicely.

Pages can have subpages, and they can be ordered using Page Attributes as well. An example of these parent and subparent pages can be found under Class Projects in my site.


We learned some new WordPress terms as well exploring the differences between Posts and Pages and the front end versus the back end (Dashboard). I’m sure there will be new terms to follow.